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Duck Cam 1 (Scroll down to Duck Cam 2):
24th April 2015:

In this pen we have two juvenile black swans; one called Jo and the other called Louise. They both come in at separate times with swollen ankles from the same family of swans on the Whitby lakes near Porirua. They have both been to Wildbase at Massey University at Palmerston North for initial assessment and have been on medications for 6 weeks now with little improvement so are due to go back to Wildbase. It is likely they will have their ankle joints flushed out and hopefully this treatment will be their final treatment. If we have a good result we will release them back to the wild. We will miss them :-(



Duck Cam 2 (Scroll down for image):
24th April 2015:In this pen we have two Mallards. One is called Billy as she is missing pretty much her entire bottom bill meaning that she has to be tube fed food twice a day. We are hoping to make her a prosthetic bottom bill so that she may be able to feed herself upon release to our aviary
where we keep ducks that can't be safely released to the wild. The other duck is called Francesca after the lovely lady
who bought her into us as an injured duckling. Francesca has had the tip of both her top and lower bills bitten off and
can only eat duck pellets by scooping them into her mouth. She normally lives in our main aviary with other
non-releasable birds but is inside presently for treatment of an eye infection. We suspect both birds suffered their bill
injuries by being attacked by Pukekos.