What I do could not be achieved without the help of many people and a few of them are listed below in no particular order:

My partner Julie,
LeeAnne Niven,
The wonderful people who help me on a daily basis with the birds,
Bidvest for their supply of fresh produce off-cuts that we feed to the birds in care,
Wellington SPCA,
Wellington Zoo Trust,
Massey Wildbase,
King Salmon (again),
Vet Viv Harris,
Hooker's Transport Napier for kindly shipping Thomas's corn down to Wellington for free.
Khandallah Vet Hospital, Miramar Vet Hospital, Petone Vet Hospital,
Vet Alan Probert,
Vet Christine Mander,
Vet Naya Brangenberg,
Katie Chadwick-Smith
The various vet clinics who take in birds for me,
Environmental Laboratory Services Ltd Wellington (Rob Deacon)
Victoria University Biological Sciences staff and students (again, they helped change the substrate in our Brown Teal Aviaries after a lead-poisoning incident.
Wellington Business Forms for their shredding,
The members of the public who take the trouble to rescue the injured birds and ferry them to me,
The locals in my community who provide a taxi service from around Wellington to ferry the birds to me plus keep me stocked in shredding and newsprint for bedding,
The Media for all of their stories that help raise the profile of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife,
All the members of the public who go to extraordinary lengths to look after the wildlife of New Zealand.